Coaching for Organisations

I offer a unique range of qualities, skills and experiences that can help organisations to improve their performance. I have personal experience of using Coaching support to create significant organisational improvement and have also worked with a wide variety of people to help them improve their work-related performance.  My Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development and Training services can all be tailored to meet specific needs, just contact me to discuss how we can best work together.


There are a number of reasons why organisations should use Coaching to improve their performance, including: 


  • Ultimately every organisation is only as good as the people who work there.

  • Coaching improves individuals, teams and organisations.

  • Coaching brings the best out of people, it sharpens and perfects their skills.

  • It assists in the growth and development of future leaders.

  • Coaching enhances productivity and increases job satisfaction.

  • Coaching stimulates creativity and innovative. 

  • It helps organisations to become more efficient and effective.

  • Coaching fosters emotional well-being.

  • It improves communication.

  • Coaching strengthens teamwork and helps everyone to make a positive contribution.

Use my Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Personal Development services in your organisation now to:

  • Manage Cultural Change

  • Achieve High Performance

  • Identify Efficiency Savings

  • Improve Teamwork

  • Increase Productivity

  • Strengthen Communications

My bespoke services will be tailored to meet your needs but, as an example, could include the following programmes:

'Achieving Excellence' - People, Partnerships and Performance Management

'Managing Change' - Communication, Co-operation and Teamwork 

'Achieving More with Less' -  Creativity, Innovation and Efficiency Savings 


Brian Tregunna

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