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Personal Coaching

How does Leadership Coaching work?

Before our first coaching session, I offer a complimentary 30 minute start-up consultation. This will enable us to decide if we have the 'right chemistry' to work together and to confirm that coaching will help you achieve your goals. If we both agree to work together, we will then confirm a coaching plan to achieve your aspirations. Each coaching session lasts approximately 60 minutes. Our time together is a safe space to explore questions which, in many cases, may be quite challenging. It is through the process of questioning and our joint discussions that ideas are generated -- and you will decide what really needs to be actioned. If I have specific insights or knowledge that might help you, or speed up the process, I will share them with you. View the testimonials I've received to better understand the impact of working with me.

How long would we work together?

My approach is flexible and tailored to meet your needs. Most clients need several sessions over a period of 6 to 12 months in order to achieve strong and sustainable results - especially when they need support across a wide range of challenges. The number of sessions are discussed and agreed between us based on your needs. Leadership Coaching is not a 'quick fix' solution. I have worked with some clients for a number of years, achieving ongoing continuous improvements, and others who meet their goals in a few months.

What are the Coach and Coachee responsibilities?

During each interaction, I act with integrity, sincerity and confidentiality. I am fully present for each session -- setting aside all other distractions to create a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to explore your challenges. If I cannot provide the appropriate assistance, then I will refer you to a range of resources. In turn, I ask that Coachees are open and committed to action and self-development -- ready to explore what you are doing and not doing, plus what decisions and changes you may need to make in order to move forward.

How does coaching differ from therapy or counselling?

Coaching focuses on looking forward to the future and taking action in order to achieve a client's desired outcomes. Whereas therapy and counselling tends to focus on a client's history and analysing how they got to their present state. During therapy sessions, I often help people to let go of negative emotions whereas, during coaching, I usually help people to find solutions to problems and move forward with a strong sense of purpose.

Can you guarantee coaching works?

Coaching is designed to make you more successful and ultimately, only you can guarantee that you will do what it takes to make this happen. If you complete the actions you commit to take, you will almost certainly achieve the outcomes you want. However, if I don’t meet your expectations, you are free to stop working with me at any time.

How much does coaching cost?

Once we agree to start working together I charge £60 per 1 hour session.  My coaching can be managed to fit most budgets. The key question for you as a prospective client is how much do you value the service, and do you want to invest in yourself?

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