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Coaching Feedback

"A fantastic addition to the club and played a massive part in our success this season." Andrew Westgarth, Manager, Falmouth Town Football Club

"I just want to put on record how grateful I am for Brian Tregunna. He has really helped me on a personal and professional level, a real great person to have on our team. I don’t think days like Saturday (Winning promotion to the Southern League) happen without his tireless work behind the scenes." Luke Barner, Footballer, Falmouth Town Football Club


"From my initial assessment I felt such clarity and felt understood for the first time in my life. Working through things and taking steps at a comfortable pace, my sessions with you have been life changing. Coming from a world where I felt constantly anxious, negative and unhappy, I am now balanced, adaptable, in control and happy. It feels amazing! You have given me tools for life and I cannot thank you enough. It has been a journey of growth and development that I never thought possible and one that will stay with me forever. Thank you so much.' HH Cornwall

"Brian was of massive help to me. We first met when I was in a bad place and, when I look at how I am now, I will be forever grateful. His techniques and fundamentals will stick with me forever and truly made an important impact on my life." PW, Cornwall


'It's been life-changing, absolutely life-changing! Working with Brian has helped me to recognise my full potential. It's given me clarity, confidence and motivation. I now feel a lot stronger and able to cope with whatever life throws at me.' OW Cornwall


'Life Coaching with Brian has woven some magic into my life and given me faith in myself. I now feel safer and more secure, empowered to be my true self. No longer burdened by the past but looking forward with positivity and optimism. Thank you Mr. Wizard!' CS, Cornwall


'Life Coaching with Brian has been unbelievably rewarding, with a number of amazing benefits that I can't celebrate enough. It's been profoundly liberating and exciting. I now feel that I have a lot of wisdom and a metaphorical suit of armour protecting me as I move forward in life with a new sense of optimism and positivity.' KB, Cornwall

‘I was being crucified by my mind and the constant negative voices in my head but now I feel a million times better. I’ve never known this peace of mind and I’m now looking forward with hope, optimism and even expectation of a much better future.’          FM, Devon


"A huge weight has been lifted off my soul. I can't believe how good it feels" JF, Devon


"Timeline Therapy has made me feel completely different. I'm so much calmer and no longer reactive to things that go wrong. A big weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I'm now much more positive about life. Thank you Brian" KJ, Cornwall


“I’ve honestly found coaching and Timeline Therapy with Brian to be literally life-changing. I’ve learnt so many helpful techniques along the way that have improved my personal well-being and helped me to become the best version of myself on both a personal and professional basis. I’ve gained so much strength and confidence through working with Brian. Strength and confidence I never thought I would feel. I can now cope with situations in a much better way than ever before and no longer feel anxiety like I did previously to meeting Brian. I’ll forever be grateful! Thank you 😊 “ AP, Cornwall


"Through personal coaching I have found access to a series of tools that I can use to improve and manage my life. I am now better able to deal with future challenges that would previously have crushed me." GP, Devon


"Timeline therapy has been the most liberating experience I could have hoped for. Years of unwanted emotional baggage have just been lifted off my shoulders, my soul even. It has helped my mindset and given me the strength and the tools to cope for a brighter future." TJ, Devon


"Brian’s wide range of coaching skills has helped me to improve my personal wellbeing and to progress my work plans. I now feel much stronger and better prepared to meet future challenges. Brian’s coaching has enabled me to develop a lot of very useful life-skill tools that I will continue to use on both a personal and professional basis.” BH, Cornwall


"Brian has a professional but personal approach, I found him approachable and felt he went above and beyond.  The process  felt like teamwork. As a result, I’ve learnt skills and strategies to manage myself and now have a level of confidence I never thought I’d genuinely feel. I’ve gone from a lost girl into a woman who feels I am living my best life! It was so worth making this investment." TM, Cornwall  


"I feel lucky to have met Brian. He helped me to let go of strong negative emotions that I’ve been carrying for a long time and then coached me to learn a number of important life-skills that have significantly improved my life. Without Brian’s help I wouldn’t have been able to come so far so quickly on my journey to become a better version of myself." JR, Cornwall

"I began coaching with Brian to help me get rid of some negative emotions that were affecting me from my past and also affecting a relationship I was in at the time. I thought i had successfully done this after 2 sessions, so I stopped the coaching. Unfortunately, a few months later, the relationship broke down. This sent me on a downward spiral and I ended up in a very dark place! I reached out to Brian for help again and made sure I left no stone unturned this time around. We began with face to face coaching sessions, then when I saw signs of significant improvement, we moved to phone sessions (as I lived a long way from Brian). Also, during the time of my coaching, Brian would regularly check in via text and also send over inspirational quotes and material which really helped me move forwards to becoming the best version of myself. As much as you have to put the hard work in yourself, having someone as knowledgeable and professional as Brian to support you and guide you on the right path makes all the difference and I will be forever grateful for everything he has done for me and my Family". HW, Cornwall

"Brian's coaching has enabled me to significantly improve my public speaking skills. I now have much stronger mind management skills, am more confident and know how to build a good rapport with audiences. During a workplace assessment, I was scored as being 'very good'. Other people have noticed my improved performance and I tell them it is due to the personal coaching from Brian." AS, Surrey


"I can't recommend Brian and the work he does highly enough ... I'm not ashamed to admit that I sought Brian's help when I needed it the most. I can 100% say I would not be where I am now if it was not for the help and advice Brian shared with me. It is often too easy to bury your head in the sand when struggling and, as men, we all do that all too often. However, Brian has given me the personal tools to deal with life's challenges or to “put your head above the parapet” as he has written in his book, ‘A Life NowWorth Living’. I had a number of coaching sessions with Brian and after each session felt I was coming away with more then I started with. It has been almost 6 months since my last session and I still find myself using the tools and lessons that Brian has taught me." DG, Cornwall


"After a couple of tough years experiencing various personal struggles, working with Brian enabled me to quickly get rid of a very negative cloud from over my head. Life Coaching, Time Line TherapyTM and Hypnotherapy really do work! A few sessions with Brian was all it took to get rid of the negative emotions I was holding on to. I would urge anyone who faces any struggles in life to seek professional help as soon as possible. The quicker it's dealt with, the easier it is to overcome and you can carry on with your life in a positive mindset." SF, Cornwall

"Having had several emotional events and situations colliding, I reached rock-bottom and knew I needed some constructive help. I had received counselling in the past but was looking for something on a different level. After research, a telephone call and meeting, Brian and I started working together. This proved to be the best investment in myself I have ever made. Brian made me look deeply into myself, my values, my beliefs and more importantly what I wanted in life. I had to realise what I needed to achieve those goals. Brian was there to offer me the tools and guidance and enable me to do all the work on myself. The changes I have made in eight months are incredible. I now stand tall and confident. I am able to be assertive and true to myself. I had survived my life, now I am going to live it! I am proud of what I have achieved and plan to continue with my self-development, and can't thank Brian enough for being the person to help me get here. I often find myself smiling at myself!" SH, Cornwall

"Brian enabled me to come to terms with the loss of my husband and to let go of strong negative emotions. I have now regained control of my life and can now move forward with a strong sense of positivity for my future." JW, Cornwall


"Brian has helped me to achieve significant improvements in my life through his insightful and empathic coaching. I am now much more assertive and have let go of long-standing, strong negative emotions that were damaging my health. Brian lit a flame inside of me that can’t be extinguished and I now feel better able to deal with future life challenges”. KE, Cornwall

"Brian's coaching has enabled me to look at issues differently and to explore various methods of dealing with them that work for me as an individual.  He has been very patient, non-judgemental and professional, we have developed a very good and thoughtful relationship". HR, Wiltshire

"It has been an amazing eye opener.  Coaching has given me much more clarity in my life. It has been an emotional and stressful time and Brian has helped me clear the fog.  My life is much more fulfilled because it has taught me coping mechanisms that I did not know I had or could use.  Overall a brilliant experience that I will remember for the rest of my life". TH, Wiltshire


"Being coached and mentored by Brian helped me to achieve my goals, recognise the barriers and know how to overcome them.  Setting small achievable goals then moving forward after each session enabled me to get where I wanted to be.  Brian helped me to have clarity around what I truly did and didn't want, to make firm decisions and to move forward with my life". EW, Bristol

"Brian I would like to thank you so much for the help you gave me at such an emotional and upsetting time.  Your coaching allowed me to safely navigate my way through what was a relationship minefield between myself and my son.  You helped me to reconnect with him in a loving and compassionate way.  We are now back on track in a loving, caring relationship". CG, Dorset 

"I found the coaching and mentoring to be extremely useful.  Over just a few sessions I was opened up to an entire spectrum of questions that I had not considered previously.  I found Brian to be very good at getting me to find my own conclusions and answers, particularly when challenged and asked to make decisions". RR, London

Business Feedback

"I have never felt the need to use the services of a Business Coach before but my son introduced me to Brian and I have found him very professional, perceptive and supportive, helping me to focus on my personal needs as well as those of my clients. I am therefore pleased to continue our coaching relationship as I progress the development and growth of Sue Dann Interiors now that I have relocated to Cornwall." Sue Dann Interiors


"Brian’s coaching has helped us to develop improved clarity, resilience and mental wellbeing, which has brought benefits for the business and ourselves. We are pleased to receive his support on an ongoing basis.” Denise Wellington Funeral Services


"A really informative leadership training course. Full of helpful principles, leadership models, real-life examples and relevant transference to the specifics of everyone's workplace/roles. Engaging training style which has encouraged deep reflection in myself, my managers and team." Cornwall Rural Communities Council


"Brian Tregunna has given us clarity and focus during a crucial stage of our business development. His Coaching and Leadership Mentoring sessions have been essential for our business growth and we are looking forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you Brian!"  Custom Concrete Worktops

Business Clients Include...



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