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I help people to become really good at recognising their own personal strengths and positive attributes, as well as areas for further improvement. I coach people to become more assertive so that they speak confidently, concisely and with clarity, enabling them to address challenges and achieve the outcomes they want. They subsequently become great leaders who other people are happy to follow and support.


My wide breadth of experience, expertise and services means that I can offer my clients a personalised approach which is focused on their individual and/or organisational needs. This is one of the main reasons that my clients consistently report highly successful outcomes that make a massive difference to their lives and workplace performance.

I offer the services listed below. To learn more, please click on the relevant section and don't hesitate to contact me directly.



For people leading organisations, managing change, setting-up a new business or seeking to build a portfolio career


Working with organisations to generate ideas, solve problems and make decisions that improve performance

Life Skills

Building people's confidence, motivation and a sense of purpose whilst developing specific skills for a better life


Delivering bespoke courses and learning events that support people's development at all levels




Helping people to let go of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and phobias


Sharing knowledge, insight and experiences to support people in achieving their aims and ambitions.

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