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Life Skills

What are 'Life Skills'?

I'm committed to helping people maximise their full potential and become the best version of themselves. I therefore work very closely with my clients to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. We then agree a Personal Development Plan that typically blends coaching with elements of training and mentoring that are tailored for their specific needs.


This enables people to take better control of their lives, make positive changes and achieve their life goals. Quite often our work together helps clients to strengthen their self-awareness, take responsibility for their self-improvement and achieve outcomes that they previously considered to be beyond them.


The life-skills I most frequently help clients to develop are:

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem 

  • Personal Resilience

  • Motivation

  • Assertiveness  

  • Empathy

  • Communication Skills

People with these attributes tend to become happier, stronger and more successful in life. Often developing stronger personal relationships, having greater resilience to deal with life challenges and achieving outstanding work-based performance.


Other life-skills that I often help people to improve include:

  • Time Management 

  • Goal-Setting and Decision Making 

  • Career Planning

  • Public Speaking

  • Job Interviews

If you are already aware of a specific need, you might prefer a stand-alone session like one of those detailed below.

'Your Future' 1-2-1 Session, 3 hours, £149

Are you unhappy with your life? Do you want to make changes but don't know what to do or how to do it? 

Take control and make it happen. Invest in yourself. 

Benefits from 3 hours of personal support, including: 

  • Be Proactive - developing a positive attitude, taking action

  • Your Future - where do you want to be, how will you get there

  • Making it Happen - keeping on track, problem solving, making decisions

  • Personal Development Plan - create your plan with specialist support

  • 'Your Future' Pack - information to take away that will help you to create your future.

'Presenting with Confidence' 1-2-1 Session, 3 hours, £159

Are you intimidated by public speaking? Would you benefit from new ideas, practising in a safe space and feedback?

Put your anxieties aside. Invest in yourself. 

Benefits from 3 hours of personal support, including: 

  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring

  • Managing Nerves and Anxietjy​

  • Engaging with Your Audience​

  • Key Principles

  • Practice in a Safe Environment

  • Confidential Feedback

  • Take-Away Information

'Get that Job' 1-2-1 Session, 3 hours, £159

Are you applying for a new job or seeking a promotion? Could refining your interview technique help?

Job hunting and interviews can be challenging. Invest in yourself.

Benefits from 3 hours of personal support, including: 

  • Skills Training - how to prepare, build self your self-confidence, make the right impression, key principles, unique selling points, body language, answering questions.​

  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring - dealing with anxiety and other negative emotions. Creating a positive experience.​

  • Practice Interview - learn how to apply your new skills.​

  • Feedback Session - constructive advice to help you sharpen your skills.​

  • ​​Interview Preparation Pack - information to take away that will help you to be as well prepared as possible.

'Sharpen your Skills' 1-2-1 Session, 1 hour, £60

Is there something keeping you up at night or a specific challenge in your life that you'd like to overcome?

Do you have a personal goal that you need help reaching?

It can all start with a conversation. Go Ahead - Invest in Yourself! 

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