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Be Careful What You Say

Be mindful that everything you say during your lifetime, whether that’s out-loud or silently in your head, will be heard by just one person, YOU!

Your words don’t describe the world you live in, they determine it!

Importantly, your unconscious mind hears everything and is affected by what you say. Positive self-talk encourages and calms the unconscious mind, whereas negative self-talk creates a perceived ‘threat’ and triggers anxiety.

Notice your language. Recognise that it is equally as important as appropriate nutrition, hydration and exercise. Acknowledge that in any given circumstance, you have the freedom to choose what you think and say.

Do you recognise some of the following phrases?

Do you hear your own words? Are you reactive or proactive?

Where are you on the scale from 0 to 10?

What will you do to move your self-talk to a higher level

so that you think and talk more proactively?

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