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The Flow State

The highest level of performance is achieved when we reach a state of ‘Unconscious Competence’ (see diagram below), often called the ‘Flow State’ in every-day conversation.  After experiencing the ‘Flow State’, people often say they felt like they were ‘in the zone’ or that it almost felt like they were ‘in a semi-trance like state’. They talk about doing things automatically or on autopilot. Sometimes they can’t describe how they did a particular task. They just knew that they had reached a level of relaxed intensity and performed their role to a very high level.


Unconscious Competence (The Flow State)



The highest levels of performance are achieved with an 20/80 ratio,

20% conscious behaviour, 80% unconscious.


The Flow State is achieved through 2 key themes.

1.      Developing a strong relationship with your unconscious mind, so that you make it your best friend.

2.      Practicing skills that are important to your role to such a high level that that they become second nature and are managed by the unconscious mind rather than the conscious mind.


If you would like to find out more about how to achieve the ‘Flow State’, please contact Brian Tregunna via or 07856571163

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